Concierge Family Medicine

by a Board Certified Physician

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The Problem

  • The average physician sees 25-45 patients a day, spends less than 10 minutes with each patient and oversees as many as 4,000 patients
  • Same day or next day access is hard to find. With the physician shortage and Obamacare it is going to get worse. Illness can come on suddenly and immediate access to your physician can greatly improve outcomes.
  • Physicians are greatly restricted on treatment options or compelled to comply with standards set by insurance companies and government bureaucracy. This does not always translate into what is best for your health.
  • Health care reform and managed care threatens to further infringe upon your access to personal care and privacy.
  • Physicians seldom, if ever, spend time discussing nutrition or lifestyle issues.

The Solution

  • Having a physician that is dedicated to being your advocate. Our patient enrollment is one tenth of the typical family medicine practice. This allows for unprecedented service and care.
  • Same day or next day appointments, home visit options and 24/7 access to physicians. Our patients have access to their physician via cell phone, text, email, or Skype. Think of it as a high tech version of the small town family doctor of 50 years ago.
  • NOT allowing insurance companies and government bureaucracies to dictate and limit your treatment options. We provide our patients with a wide array of the most appropriate treatments according to evidence-based medicine and common sense.
  • Focusing on prevention and health maintenance. The physician is your coach for all aspects of your health: nutrition, exercise, stress management …